Coco Chen

Colleen Welch, repertory dance

Colleen received a BS in Kinesiology with a Major in Dance from Indiana University. She has been performing and collaborating with dropshift since 2011 and in 2017 she transitioned her collaboration with the company as a repertory consultant and performer.  Colleen has also worked in the past with Zephyr Dance, Perceptual Motion and Chicago Freelance Dance.

Aerica Seigal, performing apprentice

Aerica received a B.A. in International Affairs and a Minor in Dance from the University of Georgia. 2016 marks her first season collaborating with dropshift. Aerica has worked in the past with Wake up! Waltz, Renegade Dance Architects, and Ardent Dance Company.

Julie Brannen, dance

Julie received a BFA in Dance Performance with a Minor in Leadership from the University of Florida. Julie performed with dropshift from 2013 through 2015. She has also danced with local companies; The Dance COLEctive as well as independent artist, Catherine Tiso. She received her Graduate Laban Certificate in Movement Analysis and her MA in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling at Columbia College Chicago.

Weldon Anderson, composition

A musician of eclectic tastes, Weldon has collaborated with rock bands, songwriters, dance choreographers, and filmmakers, and has explored the music of many genres and ethnicities. He has studied and performed traditional Balinese and Javanese gamelan with the Chicago Gamelan Ensemble and Indonesian Dance Company of Illinois, and traditional maqam and folk music with the University of Chicago’s Middle Eastern Music Ensemble of Chicago. Weldon has also served as Principal Bass of the Chicago Composers’ Orchestra.

As a composer and music director, he has created original music for dropshift dance, BTRFLY Bush, and Amnesia Wars Theatre Company, and has composed works involving orchestral and/or electro-acoustic elements.

Heidi Dakter, textiles. art. visuals.

California based artist and international collaborator, Heidi has eight years working experience in the fields of costume design, puppet theater, spectacle production, and women’s fashion. She focuses on unique pieces, from sketching through sampling, to international selling.

She has collaborated with dropshift since 2010 as costume designer, and in 2012 Heidi added the role of textile designer. She has also worked with Chicago based creative companies such Molly Shanahan of Mad Shak and Michelle Kranicke of Zephyr Dance. Heidi has worked internationally as first assistant to Umit Unal, Istanbul based fashion house, and has taught performance art in Thailand at Thammasat University. She is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Amanda Lee Franck, design

Amanda Lee Franck is a Chicago native and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied painting and fashion design. She makes work that moves within the fields of installation and performance, fabrication and documentation. Her process is informed by the tension between these practices. She makes paintings that are unreliable documents of landscapes, garments that guide the movements of the wearer, and photographs that record episodes of found painting. She has recently worked as a costume designer with Ayako Kato/Art Union Humanscape and as a costume designer and collaborating artist with Zephyr Dance.

Ashley Sullivan, design

Ashley Sullivan is an artist who works in a wide variety of media. Bold color and clean lines are common throughout her work, as seen in screen prints and acrylic paintings. Recent work has focused on a specific time and place, some aided by a photographic reference, but most relying solely on memory.

Photos by: William Frederking at American Rhythm Center