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dropshift dance aims to immerse and interact, and wins (review)

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Upon first glance, one might consider Andrea Cerniglia’s four woman troupe dropshift dance (intentionally uncapitalized) to be a spin off of Zephyr Dance. Cerniglia is a long time dancer/collaborator with Zephyr, and…

Last Minute Plans: I Am Logan Square Gallery Presents New Exhibit, Memento

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This evening, I am Logan Square presents a new exhibit entitled Memento. Visual artist Ashley Sullivan and dance film artist Nadia Oussenko have collaborated with dropshift dance to create an exhibit that, in the words of artistic director Andrea…

Rogue Ballerina – dropshift dance explores memory through movement

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What is a memento? How do you define that? How does your perception change when you get further away from the source? These are some of the questions “artistic architect”…

Preview: Dropshift Dance, Catch and Release

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Andrea Cerniglia, artistic director of three-year-old Dropshift Dance, says that in her new evening-length Catch and Release she was curious “how to design the piece and arrange the dancers so that the audience…
Andrea Cerniglia

Andrea Cerniglia is on her way

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It was just a year ago that Zephyr Dance member Andrea Cerniglia debuted her own company, Dropshift Dance. But this young choreographer already shows a rare confidence and self-possession—qualities she…

Drop Shift Dance: Live review

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To compare dance with food—which I’m allowed, now that I no longer write for a publication that forbids it categorically—Zephyr Dance member Andrea Cerniglia’s choreography brings to mind Julia Kramer’s TOC review of Arami,…